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How to Look Like You Got a Full Night's Sleep By Howcast

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How to Look Like You Got a Full Night's Sleep By Howcast

Postby Mutita » Mon Oct 04, 2010 2:49 pm

Trick people into thinking you're well-rested, no matter how little sleep you got, with these tips.

To complete this How-To you will need:

Tea bags, cucumbers, or potatoes
A washcloth
Bronzer or tinted moisturizer
Yellow-based concealer
Yellow eye shadow
An eyelash curler
Brow gel or mascara
A white eye pencil
Pink lip gloss
White eye shadow or highlighter

Step 1: Begin the night before

No matter when you roll in, take off your makeup, apply a good moisturizer, and drink a tall glass of water so you don't wake up with a dry, flaky face.

Step 2: De-puff your face

When you get up, steep two caffeinated tea bags. Once they've cooled, lie down for 15 minutes with them resting on your closed eyes to reduce puffiness. Chilled cucumber or potato slices work, too. If your entire face is puffy, dip a washcloth in ice water and pat that against your skin.

Tip: Keep a clean washcloth in your freezer for future beauty emergencies.

Step 3: Add some color

If you're pale, put on a little bronzer or tinted makeup to bring some color to your face.

Step 4: Get mellow with yellow

Lighten under-eye circles with a yellow-based concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone. Then, brush a little pale yellow eye shadow on your lids and under your brow bones.

Tip: Dab some white eye shadow or highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes, near the bridge of your nose.

Step 5: Curl your eyelashes

Curl your eyelashes. It's an easy way to make your eyes look more open, giving you a more awake look. Make your eyes look even more commanding by emphasizing your brow arch with a little brow gel or mascara. Use white eyeliner under your eyes to make the whites look brighter.

Step 6: Go pink

Dab on some pink lip gloss. The blue tones in it will make your teeth look whiter, brightening up your whole face.

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