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How To Get To Sleep and Stay There By Howcast

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How To Get To Sleep and Stay There By Howcast

Postby Mutita » Mon Oct 04, 2010 2:47 pm

Do you lie in bed tossing and turning every night? These tips will prepare you for bed and help you sleep through the night.

To complete this How-To you will need:

Cool temperature
Warm bath
Comfortable mattress and pillow
Scented detergent
White noise recording
Sleep mask
Warm glass of milk (optional)
Banana (optional)

Step 1: Keep temperature cool

Keep the temperature in your bedroom no higher than 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If the room is dry, get a humidifier.

Step 2: Avoid alcohol

Cut back on the alcohol. Under the influence of alcohol you will fall asleep faster, but won't sleep as long.

Step 3: Avoid caffeine and sugar

Avoid bedtime snacks that contain caffeine, sugar, or grains.

Tip: Drink a glass of warm milk or eat a banana for a bedtime snack.

Step 4: Exercise daily

Exercise every morning for 30 minutes. Stay active throughout the day and avoid taking naps.

Step 5: Take a bath

Take a warm bath to relax and soothe your tired muscles.

Step 6: Choose mattress and pillow

Choose a comfortable mattress and pillow that is right for you.

Tip: Wash your sheets and blankets frequently and use a lightly scented detergent.

Step 7: Listen to music

Play a white noise recording or use a sleep mask and earplugs.

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