A la fuerza, Antequera, Andalucia, Spain

A la fuerza, Antequera, Andalucia, Spain

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Café-Bar A la Fuerza

Dirección : Calle de la Alameda de Andalucía 32,

29200 Antequera, Spain

Teléfono: 952 84 16 07

Sesiones: De 8 a 21 h. Domingos de 8 h. a 16 h. Sábados cerrado

Out and about in Antequera, shopping on a very hot Saturday, I started to get hungry and was debating where to stop for lunch. As I walked past the restaurant I felt a blast of lovely cool air conditioned air. Being as hot as it was , this was enough to peek my interest. So I stopped to look at the menu and peered inside.

The restaurant has many antiques and this with the thought of Air Conditioning made my mind up since I love restaurants that go the extra mile to be visually welcoming and have interesting décor.

On entering I was politely greeted and immediately made to feel very welcome, it would not have mattered if I was just coming in for a coffee or to feed a king. I asked for the menu and was immediately drawn to the "Menu de Dia" (Menu of the day) which showed a decent set of choices - and in these tough times a full three course meal at €10 is not to be sneezed at !

I went for a mixed salad to start, to be followed by grilled chicken – Even before my starter had arrived I was presented with freshly "grilled" bread (not exactly like toast) with dips of olive oil and garlic etc. This was a gorgeous and tasty touch which wins hands down over the standard cold (and often slightly stale) roll and plastic encased butter.

The salad was more varied then the usual fare, with nice little touches like Olives and Salsa sauce to make it stand out from the normal Spanish 'Ensalata Mixta' of Tuna, Lettuce, tomatoes, onions and the like.

My main course was surprisingly large (enough so that I could not finish my sundries including the chips) – and was four real grilled chicken fillets (as opposed to the watery and salty frozen processed chicken pieces so favored by the "convenience kitchens" of the more touristy areas of Spain). The end result was that I was too full for desert.

I love the whole feeling of this restaurant – it is very clean, which shows the management standard and attention to detail, welcoming and good food. Loads of antiques for me to investigate and photograph.

All in all – so good we are going to go back this weekend with friends in tow !






















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